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Fashion hair products demand is divided into rigid and non-rigid demand demand

Date:Dec 14,2015

Fashion hair products market demand is divided into rigid and non-rigid demand demand in two parts, black people are rigid demand of consumer demand, consumer demand in the rest of the human race is a non-rigid demand. Hair products for black people belong to the quasi-necessities, ethnic physiological characteristics and personality traits cause black people rigid demand for hair products. Unlike other races, the original black people have curly hair growth, scalp stickers, slow growth, long difficult characteristics, if not wear hair products, it is difficult to distinguish by gender hairstyle, therefore, demand for aesthetic, black women tend to provided they have the economic conditions, which began to develop from a teenager to wear the habit of hair products. Because of race, national characteristics, black men also like the pursuit of personalized image by wearing hair products, hair products, consumer demand is much higher than other races of men. Other ethnic consumers primarily as a make-up of hair products like clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and other fashion items daily to meet the modeling needs, including the shape and color of the avant-garde by wearing exaggerated hair products reflect the personality, realize that by wearing hair products limited primary germinal hair hair volume and shape of the hair can not, by wearing different styles, colors, costumes and hair products based on the occasion and achieve the overall shape and styles like.


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